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Keys to Victory


  1. If you are able, take out your cell phone and take clear photos of the accident (your car, theirs, their tag, make and model, etc.,) and your injuries and save those in a separate file.
  2. Before you speak to the insurance company, contact The Pilgrim Law Firm for a free consultation. If you do talk to the insurance company, they may try to get you to settle or say something that will decrease your chances of getting a fair settlement or deny any claim outright.
  3. Get medical treatment right away, if you don't, the insurance companies will use that against you to deny or offer you less than you are entitled to receive.
  4. Keep a list of all your doctors, medical providers, hospitals visited.
  5. After treatment, keep track of your medical bills. If you do, this will help speed up the settlement process. If we have to request all your medicals, this may delay your settlement by several months.
  6. The settlement process could take up to a year, sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of your case, so please update us if you change cell phone numbers, jobs, or move to another address.
  7. You can expect us to keep you informed along the way and look forward to handing you the settlement check you deserve.

Though you are going through a difficult time, rest assured that we are committed to helping you recover financially, and we will be with you each step of the way to guide you through this process. A win for you, is a win for us! 

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