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"Today is the first day of good decisions." This is how I start all my meetings with my clients because no matter the circumstance there was a bad decision along the way. Today, however, started with you looking for a passionate, experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can help you navigate the confusing and stressful criminal court system. Whether you are hiring me to represent you or your loved one, my job is to help you see the case like a jury will see it so you can make a good decision.

I keep my clients informed and engaged throughout the legal process. When you hire me, you are getting over 25 years of experience trying cases in the Metro Atlanta area. That means that your case will not be the first time I have represented a client on those charges. In addition, I understand how stressful the situation is for you and your family. As a result, I focus my customer service on making the complex terms and procedures simple and easy to understand.

Understanding the process is the key to relieving the stress of this moment.

In addition to understanding what you and your family are going through, I understand how a District Attorney evaluates and prosecutes a case. This knowledge is invaluable because it allows me to see their weaknesses and focus our defenses on those areas. Every case is unique and requires novel approaches to win.

Lastly, remember we are not trying to convince a District Attorney or a Judge. We are trying to help the jury of your peers understand your innocence. Juries act and evaluate evidence in unique ways, in difference counties. I know because I have tried cases around the metro area. When I prepare your defense, I keep this in mind and help you see the case through the jury in your specific county. This can be the difference in getting a results you want.

Allow my experience and client centered approach help you through this difficult time by telling me about your case.

Marc Pilgrim, Esq.

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