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Estate Planning


Estate Planning in Georgia

In many ways, Estate Planning is about determinging the legacy you want to leave after passing away. At The Pilgrim Law Firm, PC, we start by making a list of assets, property, and people to protect, then discuss what you wish to pass down to family and friends. Your plan is strategically designed to meet your asset protection needs and healthcare directives. As expert Georgia estate planning attorneys, we prepare the right legal documents necessary to achieve specific goals for your future.

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Many people believe they don't have enough assets to make estate planning necessary. But, if you have a bank account, car, or home, are one of many middle class blended families, own or invest in a small business—you have an estate. Estate planning protects your assets and provides for the loved ones that depend on you for income or care. The specific estate plan documents chosen depend on many factors, including the size and structure of your Georgia estate. The Pilgrim Law Firm can help you select and prepare documents to protect property and hand it down to the next generation.


A Georgia Estate Planning Attorney to Help Protect Your Legacy

Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. And end-of-life plans don't always wait for our later years. It may be difficult to talk about now, but it is much harder for your family to find answers to critical questions when they are going through an emotional time. Your Georgia estate planning lawyer helps safeguard your estate and support you in every shift in life. As your children grow, you marry, divorce, sell or purchase property, your asset protection needs will change. Make sure friends and family members know your wishes. The first step is contacting us for help filling out our questionnaire below.


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Act now. Make sure your wishes are known and followed after you are gone.

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