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Closing Timeline


Pre-Closing/Closing Process

    • Real Estate Agent prepares sales contract with Brown & Price, PC as the Law firm conducting the closing
    • Real Estate Agent uploads a copy of the contract to Attorney Marc Pilgrim
    • Title is ordered and the closing is scheduled by the Real Estate Agent  
    • Title search is performed by the offices of Browne & Price, PC
    • Title Report is received within one to three business days
    • Title is reviewed by Attorney Price to identify any issues with the title
    • If further information is needed, relevant parties will be contacted
    • Our Paralegal contacts the Mortgage Lender to coordinate receipt of the closing package of documents
    • A preliminary Settlement Statement is prepared and sent to all parties for review
    • The Closing is conducted at one of our offices or wherever is convenient for Buyer/Seller/Builder or Agent.


    • The deed transferring title is recorded at the county courthouse
    • All signed documents are returned to the Mortgage Lender
    • The accounting of the file is balanced and checks are issued

If you are a mortgage lender or real estate agent, you may schedule a closing at our offices by calling 404-400-3831 or by emailing the attorney.

We look forward to working with you.

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